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Transaction ID

Admission Portal:

Online Application Process:

Make a payment of Tk 1000/- as application processing fee from your/agent's Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking Account to WMBA admission: Institute of Business Administration biller code 323. The process is as follows:

  • Using your/agent's Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking Account, dial *322#
  • From the menu appeared, select 1 and again 1 for Payment
  • Enter 323 as Biller ID
  • Enter your mobile no. as Bill Number
  • Enter 1000 as Amount
  • Enter your/agent's mobile banking PIN
  • Collect Txnid (TRANSACTION ID) from the return SMS

Click on: Apply Now and log in with your mobile no. and Txnid. Then fill up the application form. Done!


Service By: Data and IT Solutions

If you have any further query regarding on-line application please call 01922999217